• Moorsholm in Bloom

St Mary's churchyard - maintenance

On Monday 23rd March the Prime Minister announced provisions to severely restrict the movement of everyone, to combat the fast spreading Coronavirus. Consequently we suspended Morrsholm in Bloom groundwork operations until further notice. The Archbishops’ Council, working with government departments, has now addressed the care of Church of England (CofE) buildings and Churchyards during the present “lockdown” and issued guidance through the Diocese of York. Consequently we have written advice that it is appropriate for someone to come to church occasionally to mow the grass and carry out essential gardening. They should work alone (unless they are with someone from the same household). If they are using equipment, then it should be sanitised before and after use. We are therefore able to begin limited work, confined to the Churchyard and grounds, beginning on Monday morning 6th April and Tuesday 7th April, and the same days until further notice. There are two Churchyards – the Old and the New – and there will be only one person working in each Churchyard, at any one time (unless members of the same household).


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