• Moorsholm in Bloom

24 September - Autumn Leaves!


It felt very autumnal today for the Moorsholm in Bloom volunteer team with rain threatening.

Main jobs were:

  • continue to tidy up/cut back shrubs and bushes around the village

  • remove and burn the Cotoneaster that was cut back a couple of weeks ago

  • remove all the fallen leaves from the church yard

If you were passing the church yard you may have seen many of the team using the lawnmowers there - but we weren't actually cutting the grass (as we had done that last week) but were using the mowers to pick up all the leaves into the mower grass boxes. These were then emptied into the compost boxes to make some good


compost for future use by the team!

11 volunteers worked two hours each so 22 man hours with expenses of approx. £20

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